CSC 490/690: Internship


  • First-hand experience of the daily activities of professionals in Computer Science and related fields.

  • Verification of an interest in a particular area of Computer Science or Information Technology.

  • Develop and hone skills required for the computing or technology profession.

  • Establish contacts outside the academic community who will facilitate a career in Computer Science or Information Technology.

Basic Requirements

  1. During the semester, a minimum of 8 hours weekly for 14 weeks. Students work one full day or two half-days. However, this can be flexible depending upon the site’s needs.

  2. During the summer, between junior and senior year, full-time for 8 weeks. This is the best alternative.

  3. Attendance at meetings with the internship coordinator/faculty mentor to discuss intern log and site issues. Two or three meetings a semester are typical.

Other Requirements

  1. A detailed narrative on your internship site

    • Location, size and type of business

    • Organizational structure

    • Recent operational history

  2. Internship log

  3. Report and Oral presentation

    • A report must be submitted on a topic related to your internship

    • A short presentation of your report to the department is required

  4. Narrative, log and report must be typed

    • Electronic version of each is required


Grades will be determined by:

  1. Internship Agreement and midterm/final evaluations by your on-site supervisor. Evaluation forms are sent twice a semester

  2. Quality of narrative, log, report and presentation

  3. Attendance

  4. Meetings with internship coordinator/faculty mentor

  5. Punctual and regular site attendance

Saint Joseph's University, 5600 City Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19131